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Welcome to my sports card site, where I'm selling cards from my collection. Most of my cards are baseball cards but I have a smaller number of Other Sport Cards.

If You Want to Buy Cards

To buy cards, make a list of the cards you want. Then send me an email with that list (click on the link at the top of each page). If the cards are still available, I'll email you with a price and put them aside for you. If you are concerned about card condition, let me know what condition you need. Almost all newer cards are in at least NM condition. I can scan the more valuable cards.

Not All My Cards Are Listed

I have a lot of cards and am listing the inventory by myself, so I'll probably never get this finished. If you don't see cards you're looking for, it might mean that I haven't listed them yet. Let me know what you need and I'll see if I can help.

Note added November 2015

I recently started adding cards from my Red Sox collection to the Cards by Year page. I have completed 1952 through 1957.

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